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It's time for Israel to make a decision about Iran

March 10, 2023  •  Jerusalem Post

Nations, like the individuals who comprise them, are periodically confronted with critical choices, moments of destiny in which they must make decisions that may define the contours of their future existence.

Throughout its short history on the world stage, the modern State of Israel has already faced more such crossroads than most, with its very being under assault from the moment it was reborn in 1948.

And now we have arrived at yet another such juncture, presenting perhaps the most perilous and pernicious dilemma in recent decades, one that must be addressed head-on without further delay.

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Israel's scandalously disloyal opposition

February 25, 2023  •  Jerusalem Post

Nearly two centuries ago, a distinguished member of Britain's House of Commons unwittingly made a remark that much of the opposition in the Knesset would do well to ponder.

In a speech to Parliament on April 10, 1826, on the rather dull subject of "Salary to the president of the Board of Trade," the Right Honorable Sir John Hobhouse is credited with having coined the term "loyal opposition."

Truth be told, he did not actually use that wording, instead referring to "His Majesty's Opposition," which according to the parliamentary record, elicited a laugh from his colleagues.

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The hidden aliyah crisis

February 11, 2023  •  Jerusalem Post

At first glance, the aliyah figures for 2022 would appear to provide ample reason to rejoice.

After just 28,601 immigrants arrived in Israel in 2021, the number who made the move last year more than doubled, surging to an astonishing 74,915, according to Jewish Agency statistics.

That is the highest figure since 1999 and is nearly equivalent to the number of those who chose to make Israel their home in the previous three years combined.

In addition to strengthening the country demographically, the growth in aliyah naturally underlines Israel's role as the home for every Jew.

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Joe Biden's condescension toward Israel

January 13, 2023  •  Jerusalem Post

Reports of an impending visit to Israel by a US secretary of state should normally give cause for diplomatic delight, highlighting as they do the strong and profound bilateral relationship that exists between the two countries.

As perennial allies with shared values and common strategic and national interests, it is only natural that a huddle by senior American and Israeli officials would be expected to bolster the bonds of fraternity.

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The real threat to Israel's democracy

December 16, 2022  •  Jerusalem Post

Israel's new governing coalition has yet to be sworn in, but that has not stopped the opposition from seeking to delegitimize and even demonize it before it is formally assembled.

Hurling vitriol that goes far beyond any semblance of civilized debate, various public figures run the risk of severely damaging the very same democracy that they claim so ardently they want to defend. This not only threatens to exacerbate divisions within Israeli society, but it could also undermine the very pillars of our political system.

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