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Palestine is dead: No one will ever be able to make a Palestinian state

February 23, 2024  •  Jerusalem Post

In recent weeks, various leaders of Western countries have publicly broached the idea of the unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, asserting that the time has come to give the Palestinians independence, even in the absence of a negotiating process.

UK Foreign Secretary David Cameron and more recently French President Emmanuel Macron have floated this suggestion, despite the ongoing war in Gaza.

But what these esteemed statesmen have apparently failed to grasp is that the very idea of a Palestinian state is no longer geographically viable, morally acceptable, or even politically tolerable to the overwhelming majority of Israelis.

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UK wants to recognize Palestine despite occupying territories worldwide

February 11, 2024  •  Jerusalem Post

Early last week, British Foreign Secretary David Cameron dropped a diplomatic bombshell.

Speaking to Conservative members of Parliament in London's House of Commons, Cameron seemingly reversed decades of long-standing policy when he said that the UK, together with its allies, "will look at the issue of recognizing a Palestinian state, including at the United Nations."

"This," he added, "could be one of the things that help to make this process irreversible."

A few days later, on a trip to Lebanon, Cameron doubled down and went still further, suggesting that Britain might officially recognize a Palestinian state even before a possible agreement would be concluded between the parties.

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A Palestinian state is Biden's only hope to beat Trump in Michigan

January 28, 2024  •  Jerusalem Post

With each passing week, you can hear the drumbeat growing louder as the Biden administration turns up the heat on Israel, inexplicably demanding in the middle of a war that Jerusalem agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state.

In a remarkably tone-deaf bit of diplomacy, various senior American policymakers have been reiterating that they view it as essential for the Jewish state to turn over territory to the Palestinians.

Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week, Secretary of State Antony Blinken insisted, apparently with a straight face, that Israel could not achieve "genuine security" without a "pathway to a Palestinian state."

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Iran already at war with Israel and the US

January 12, 2024  •  Jerusalem Post

It has been nearly 100 days since the forces of darkness stormed the land, roaming about for what like seemed an eternity as they ruthlessly murdered and pillaged their way through various parts of southern Israel.

Like the Crusaders in Western Europe in 1096, Bogdan Chmielnicki and the Cossacks in Ukraine in 1648, and Adolf Hitler and the Germans in the mid-20th century, Hamas and its accomplices have reminded the world of the depravity to which human beings can descend, especially when they are driven by hatred of Jews.

And while much of the media has been referring to the conflict now underway as "the Gaza war," that is a misnomer, and a highly misleading one at that.

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Palestine, a state under occupation, is a myth

December 29, 2023  •  Jerusalem Post

An uninformed observer scrolling through X (formerly known as Twitter) could be forgiven for assuming that there is an entity called Palestine that is under occupation and is clamoring to be released.

On a daily basis, Palestinians and their supporters flood social media, and a lot of public thoroughfares too, with demands, declarations, and disinformation, repeating ad nauseam their insistence to "free Palestine" as though it is the central issue on the international agenda.

This mantra has been harped on for so long, and so often, that many people believe it to be urgent and even true; some out of ignorance, others out of willful disregard for history or reality.

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