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Betrayal: How US President Joe Biden is undermining Israel
Apr 12, 2024

When Jews are antisemitic: Jonathan Glazer goes beyond self-hatred
Mar 25, 2024

Palestine is dead: No one will ever be able to make a Palestinian state
Feb 23, 2024

UK wants to recognize Palestine despite occupying territories worldwide
Feb 11, 2024

A Palestinian state is Biden's only hope to beat Trump in Michigan
Jan 28, 2024

Iran already at war with Israel and the US
Jan 12, 2024

Palestine, a state under occupation, is a myth
Dec 29, 2023

The first hostage rescue missions in Jewish history
Dec 15, 2023

North Korea's bloody fingerprints are over October 7
Nov 24, 2023

Cousin of Serbian Ambassador to US held hostage in Gaza - interview
Nov 10, 2023

Make Gaza Israel again
Nov 3, 2023

Gaza's rich Jewish history and destiny
Oct 20, 2023

Tragedy on Temple Mount: Israel's government must act now
Oct 6, 2023

Oslo is dead: A Palestinian state will never exist
Sep 8, 2023

Israeli expansion of settlements is our best chance for Palestinian peace
Aug 25, 2023

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